Quality Finishing, Inc.

Specializing in the Anodizing of Aluminum

1125 19th St SE
Watertown, SD 57201
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Email: info@qualityfinishing.net

Quality Finishing, Inc was founded in 2005 by professional metal finishers with over thirty years of experience. During this time Quality Finishing has filled the needs of many of its customers in the anodizing of "small delicate parts" where special care and handling is required. These can be processed in small or large lots efficiently. Quality Finishing works as its "customer's partner" to meet the needs of the end user.

The ability to change dye colors in minutes give it the flexibility to do "custom aluminum anodizing and dyeing" in hours instead of days. Working with its dye supplier, "custom dye colors can be ordered." Quality Finishing does have a number of dyes in house that can be placed in line as needed. Go to the above e-mail address to request a list and pictures of these dyes.

Quality Finishing's anodizing line has the capacity to process small parts to parts 36"x38"x10". Quality Finishing's stainless steel passivating line is designed to process small parts.

Quality Finishing's anodizing process meets Mil Spec, Mil-A-8625, Type II Class 1 and Class 2. A number of dye colors are in line with ability to add others as needed. The Stainless Steel passivating process meets ASTM A967 and inspection is done to ASTMA967, 1.4.4 Practice D-Copper Sulfate Test.

All of Quality Finishing's processes meet or exceed RoHO's specifications. Certification of processes are available upon request at no extra charge.

Quality Finishing is looking forward to becoming your aluminum anodizing and stainless steel passivating specialists.

For more information and or quoting contact James Goble. Phone: (605)753-0170, Fax: (605)753-0171, or e-mail: info@qualityfinishing.net

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